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Step-by-Step Percentage Calculation

  1. Understand the Percentage: Determine the percentage you want to calculate. For example, let's say you want to find 20% of a given number.
  2. Convert the Percentage to a Decimal: To make calculations easier, convert the percentage to a decimal. Divide the percentage by 100. In our example, 20% becomes 0.20 (20 Ă· 100 = 0.20).
  3. Identify the Number: Identify the number from which you want to find the percentage. This can be a total amount, a quantity, or any value you want to calculate a percentage of.
  4. Multiply: Multiply the decimal value (from Step 2) by the number (from Step 3). This will give you the calculated percentage. For example, if the number is 500, you would multiply 0.20 by 500, resulting in 100 (0.20 x 500 = 100).
  5. Interpret the Result: The result of the calculation represents the percentage you were looking for. In our example, 20% of 500 is 100.

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